What Do Car Appraisers Look for?

What Do Car Appraisers Look for?

A vehicle appraisal is one of the writing estimates of the current value of the car based on the experience. This is the training of the appraiser and current market trends.

Trade in car with car appraisals is usually performed when a vehicle is bought, sold, or insured, and by collectors and hobbyists. An appraisal is one of the used for determining the tax value of a donation, in estate cases, or in legal disputes after an accident.

Many factors can affect a car’s value, including make, model, age, wear and tear, body damage and optional features.

What Is a Car Appraisal?

It is referred to as a valuation, car appraisers look for assigns an estimated dollar value to a vehicle. There are a few situations where you might consider an appraisal:

When you plan to buy, sell or trade-in a car and want to estimate the car’s fair market value

To put a dollar value on a car when it’s considered an asset in a divorce, bankruptcy or estate

If you are planning to buy or sell a collectible car


Other Additional Factors

There are some other additional factors of a car appraisal the following:

How the buyer plans to use your car?

Car dealers use to appraise cars can shine up your trade-in and sell. It is going to unload it at the next auto auction and automotive analyst for Consumer Reports.

Selling to private buyers might fetch the biggest and they are offering because they typically don’t plan to turn around and sell for profit. This is why valuation guides will give you different values for different types of sales. Trade-in value is completely different from sale value consumer advice editor.


The average driver covers 12,000 to 15,000 miles each year with the vehicle. If your odometer’s racking up much more than that, your car value could take a hit. Your location is real estate and location matters. Your convertible might have a higher value.

Maintenancevehicle appraisal

A dealer will often check your service records to verify that the vehicle’s been maintained. A well-used car appraiser and it has a set route takes every trade through.

The route may consist of some highway driving, stop and go driving and some rough road areas to test out the shocks. Similarly, private buyers might ask for service rec

ords as proof that you have all scheduled maintenance performed.

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